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Clearly We’re All Color Blind Free Squeeze Page Templates

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Clearly We’re All Color Blind Free Squeeze Page Templates

In the spirit of jumping on a trending internet meme I’ve decided to make...

Wow… Building A Landing Page Can Be That Easy?

Watch this quick video to see how you could be building epic landing pages...

Death of The WordPress Guy

How Our Identity Is Shaped By The Labels We Give Ourselves Someone out there...

Why 95% of Entrepreneurs Fail – And How To Fix It

There are a lot of posts out there talking about failure as an entrepreneur....

Retargeting Workshop 120 Minute Training

More info on how Retargeting could add 20% to your businesses – click here...

an email about trust… the most unique book launch I’ve ever seen

Note: sent this email out to my list, and if you’re finding this on...

Get More Leads From Your Blog

Don’t have OptimizePress? check it out here! Code: <center><iframe src=”” scrolling=”no”></iframe></center>

Optimize Press 2.0 Creating Parallax Background Image

Don’t have Optimize Press? Check it out here: Code mentioned in the video: #le_body_row_2{...

Your Personal Branded Blog – Free Course

This course is designed to help you build your awesome personal branded blog with...

my most destructive habit – and my [Crazy] plan to fix it

My destructive, terrible habit? … Not finishing important things. Lot’s of people don’t finish...