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New technology is paving the way to create useful, perfectly structured, and persuasive copy for everyone. Are you going to adapt or be left in the past?

"She did not shut it properly because she knew that it is very silly to shut oneself into a wardrobe, even if it is not a magic one." ― C.S. Lewis

There's no such thing as "magic push-button" writing technology, but this is pretty dang close. I’m about to introduce you to a technology that’s simultaneously a massive time-saver, headache preventer, and writer’s block tonic all in one… If you spend any amount of time creating marketing materials or content for your business or for clients, you need to see this technology in action.

Changing The Perception of What's Possible

When Lucy ventures into the magic wardrobe in C.S. Lewis’s classic tale she’s introduced to a whole new world… one where magic exists and a mischievous queen has cursed it to always be winter but never Christmas (whatever that means).

Plot & subtext aside, we often find ourselves venturing through our own metaphorical “magic wardrobes” in life... venturing into new worlds that completely changes our view of what’s possible.

Maybe it’s learning a new skill or seeing a new technology in action that changes our perception of what’s possible. Perhaps it’s a chance meeting with a special someone who changes the path of your life forever. An unexplainable religious or spiritual experience that makes past problems seem small & irrelevant.

We’ve all experienced these rare "magical moments". They open our eyes

Recently I found myself venturing into a "magic wardrobe" in the world of technology… and I still find myself experiencing Arthur C. Clarke’s 3rd law of science fiction, namely...

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Yes, there is a new technology that has that “magic” aura to it, even if it is rooted in real world technology we all have access to. I have a hard time grasping the technology that drives what we’ll call "Artificial Intelligent Writing Tools"… The technology (GPT-3) behind it has millions in funding, and harnesses "175 billion machine learning parameters" (whatever that means… something to do with magic I’m sure.)

Today there are quite a few A.I. tools on the market for writers to leverage, and even quite a few now focused around copywriting specifically. They all are battling to provide the best pricing and the best features, this is a good thing for us consumers!

What can these tools do and why are they so "magical"?

Well with just a few inputs about our product or services, or a topic we want to explore, this technology can manifest facebook ads, google ads, and output full content pieces based on time tested copywriting frameworks, emails, landing pages and pretty much any other type of writing you can think of...

magic that can help you create...

Arthur C. Clarke’s “Magical Nature of Technology"


Imagine Never Having to Write From Scratch Again...

While there are several tools out there claiming to do this, there’s one tool that is specifically focused on outputting marketing materials with "persuasion" principles at its heart… It’s one I’ve been using to help me output content faster than ever, namely Jarvis AI.

Here’s a quick example of a 2200 word piece I created in about 30 minutes… Along with the process I used to create it.

Again, all I came up with was the topic, the rest was generated by Jarvis AI.

You can see why it feels like magic… especially to someone like myself who doesn’t particularly comprehend artificial intelligence.

Normally I would try to teach "how it works" so you can better leverage the tool, but at this point it’s a bit like trying to explain how the CPU in an iPhone works… I’m not sure how, I’m just glad it does!

Now our friends over at Conversion AI have been running a special launch price for their UNLIMITED usage team plan for a few weeks now, but tonight at midnight the price is going up to the industry standard.

Why is the price increasing if it’s a piece of software? Well, as I mentioned earlier they’re actually plugging in and training the tool using that million dollar tech via an API… so every word that’s plugged into their tool cost them money. This is why I personally signed up for the unlimited (as opposed to the credit system)… Indeed some of their customers (probably myself included) are going to use it so much we’re going to end up costing them money at this great price…

Before we get to the details on what Jarvis AI is exactly, let's talk about how I’d like to sweeten the deal for anyone looking to take the headache out of their writing routine...

Exclusive Bonuses
I want you to get the most out of this incredible tools...

Bonus #1  [Step by Step Content Development Framework] -2500 words in 15 minutes!

Bonus #1 [Step by Step Content Development Framework] -2500 words in 15 minutes!

2500 words in 15 minutes! Inside this guide you’ll find the exact steps I use to generate high quality content quickly. Follow along as he shows you how to “daisy chain” Conversion AI’s tools to maximize it’s copy & content output potential. Regularly updated Printable PDF & online version.
    Bonus #2 - My “Jarvis Generated Webinar” Training & Template

    Bonus #2 - My “Jarvis Generated Webinar” Training & Template

    Look over my shoulder as I write a webinar using Conversion Ai. As you may know, webinars are one of the most challenging pieces to create. I'll show you how Conversion AI can help be ar the load by leveraging it’s tools in unique ways following my advanced webinar outline (included!).
      Bonus #3 - Instant AI Agency Launch (Write For Others)

      Bonus #3 - Instant AI Agency Launch (Write For Others)

      [AI Agency Leverage] I’ll walk you through how you can quickly rewrite sales pages for clients or put them together from scratch. I’ll also walk you through a strategy you can use to stand out & entice new clients by quickly generating "demo" copy pieces. More importantly than the “tactics” I’ll be walking you through my personal ‘advanced’ agency deals that I use to find and create six figure copy deals.
        Bonus #4 - Use AI To Write Story Driven Emails in Under 30 Minutes or Less

        Bonus #4 - Use AI To Write Story Driven Emails in Under 30 Minutes or Less

        [Benefit Drive Email From Scratch] Easy to follow step by step concept map on how to use Jarvis AI to create story driven & persuasive emails quickly for any type of promotion. This map will walk you through a process of daisy chaining different tools within Jarvis to get the most out of the software.
          Bonus #5 - AI Copywriting ACADEMY

          Bonus #5 - AI Copywriting ACADEMY

          The ways you can use Jarvis to write is endless and new strategies are being developed every single day. That’s why Jarvis Academy was created, to help bring the best of the best strategies to you weekly. Watch from our archive of select trainings, or sign up to join us live every week, at no extra cost to you when you join today.

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