You’d have to be reckless.
2021 Macbook Pro ad

We’ve created something wild. With a fire in its belly. This thing, draws everything in. Moving silently, night and day. Into the deepest blacks and brightest lights. It’s eye, razor sharp. It’s sound, deafening. Pretty… dangerous. So why would anyone give this beast more power? You’d have to be reckless. What have we done? And, … Quick View

The Founding Fathers of Copywriting, Copywriters Podcast with David Garfinkel & Guest Sean Vosler

Does the history of copywriting matter? What hidden gems might we uncover while we explore the murky depths of the past? Great conversation with David Garfinkel on the Copywriters Podcast! Quick View

Copywriting AI Tool’s legit or overhyped?

How I generated a quality 2200 blog post in less than 15 minutes (step by step) Quick View

beep boop… this was written by a robot

Sent April 2, 2021 – Format: Email Alright, I’ll get right to it… What you’re about to see is pretty wild. This email was almost entirely written by a robot, well technically artificial intelligence, but sure seems like a robot to me. The tool I’m leveraging to generate this email is – unlimited accounts … Quick View

Long Copy Vs. Short. How much is enough? The 3 Key Factors Explained.

The question of “copy length” has been around since the first bits of advertising copy were finding themselves being written in the margins of newspapers & periodicals. Before the internet there were physical constraints to the amount of copy a given ad or piece could have, but now we can write to our hearts content. … Quick View

Principle: When everyone Zigs, Zag. Standing Out in a “War Cry World”

Anyone else suffering from “inspirational fatigue”? I feel like half the posts in groups & on profiles are long ranting battle cries designed to get you all riled up… I mean, I get it… but like, if everything is hyperbole then nothing stands out as especially important. These days I’m just stoked if someone posts … Quick View

Advice I wish I would have been given when I started copywriting

I hate to break it to you, but… your writing sucks. You need to pin it to the wall and read it every single day. Remind yourself that IT SUCKS. You need to show it to the world and let them tell you that it sucks. You need to invest money into running ads to … Quick View

Can you become a copywriter for the gaming industry?

An interesting question posed “can you be a copywriter for the gaming industry”. Short answer YES OF COURSE… Long answer… The following video is an example of some next-level video game copywriting.  It is NOT easy to do correctly, it sounds casual – it’s fun, but it is deliberate… it’s “tell the features, show the benefits” copy done … Quick View

How Local Businesses Can Adapt Their Marketing in the ‘Covid’ Economy

How Local Businesses Can Adapt Their Marketing in the 'Covid' Economy Quick View

Internet Marketing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Learn [interview]

Learn more about Sean’s book 7 Figure Marketing Copy – Click Here Quick View

The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill

On this page, you're going to unlock what many consider to be the key to converting any business idea into reality. I'm also going to share with you a powerful method that will cut your learning time in half and help drive you closer to your entrepreneurial goals. Sound like a good deal? Awesome. Let's get started then… Quick View

Learn How To Write Copy That ACTUALLY Sells

For a limited time, you can now access my brand new Copy Guide Book that teaches just that! Tell me, does this sound familiar?… 1.) You come up with a brilliant idea of a product or service to sell… 2.) You begin to map out the deliverables… 3.) You build out a sales page… 4.) … Quick View

psychopaths hate this // A quick way to craft jaw-dropping bullet points for your marketing.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it*.” — Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) * ew. way to be overdramatic Harper Lee. 2400 words. That’s the number of words an average person writes per day … Quick View

The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill

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This will increase your bottom line more than just about anything. – Building Trust With Your Audience

In this post, I’m going to show you how you will rapidly increase your content output without sacrificing QUALITY by answering 3 simple questions. Ok, I’ll be honest.. that pool does look pretty awesome. Today it seems most people would rather post pictures of themselves gallivanting around a fancy pool on insta than actually give real-world … Quick View

Psychology of Sales – 5 Key Physiological Principles You Should Utilize When Selling Anything

A business without sales, well… that isn’t a business, it’s just an idea. Don’t just be a person with an idea, you have to learn how to generate that first idea to turn it into a real business. Today I’m going to walk you through the key marketing principles that took my ideas (and those … Quick View

I Charge 30k-60k For WordPress Websites With a Simple Marketing Plan.. Here’s How I do it

{Note: Originally posted on Reddit by Me (Sean Vosler) and is currently the top post of all time in the ‘Freelance’ subreddit} [divider]The Concepts Behind High Ticket Selling[/divider] I tend to piss off people in here when I suggest they’re under charging in the order of 10x less for their work… but here’s the truth you … Quick View

How to stop consultant clients from leaving?

Consulting Questions Answered – Part 1 [16:28] Learn about Sam’s course here: Don’t forget to Like/Subscribe/Comment *** – really helps the channel grow! xox These updates are about 30 days behind (since they’re usually discussing current promotions) if you want to check out the latest day to day vlog in “real time” you can see … Quick View

Free Follow Up Email Marketing Template

Principle One – Getting people to Know, Like & Trust You is the foundation of a sale. You’ve probably heard this sales terminology before, and it’s an extremely important step in making a sale. There’s simply no better way to get someone to know, like and trust you than to teach them something that helps … Quick View

The Ultimate 16 Step Video Marketing Funnel [And How You Can Copy It]

Learn How to Build This Type of Funnel For Your Own Products Here The Videos In Place On The Funnel – Click Icon to View Mindmap of Funnel Learn How to Build This Type of Funnel For Your Own Products Here Quick View

The Perfect Automated Webinar Funnel Part Two // The Webinar Timeline & Automated Funnel

Timeline of an Automated Webinar Longer is not better with webinar marketing. The idea is, if they’re clicking on an ad, generally it’s a current interest. If they’re clicking on a link in an email, something appealed to them at that time. It may not be the same in a week, we have to act … Quick View

The Perfect Automated Webinar Funnel Part One

In this article, we’re going to break down exactly the steps it takes to set up a high converting and time saving process for actually publishing an automated webinar. So, most of us understand the benefits of running a live webinar, which is just about the best way to convert with an audience. It is … Quick View

The Definitive Guide to 7 Figure Product Launches

  INDEPTH GUIDE BY SEAN VOSLER If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry If you’re in sales or marketing, which if you own a business, you are, … Quick View

Wow… Building A Landing Page Can Be That Easy?

Watch this quick video to see how you could be building epic landing pages a lot faster then you are now…  Don’t forget to turn on HD… Want Some Easy To Digest Training With This Tool? [activecampaign form=1148] [images style=”0″ image=”” large_image=”” width=”720″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”] Add your name and email below and I’ll send it … Quick View

Retargeting Workshop 120 Minute Training

More info on how Retargeting could add 20% to your businesses – click here to find out how. Quick View

Get More Leads From Your Blog

Don’t have OptimizePress? check it out here! Code: <center><iframe src=”” scrolling=”no”></iframe></center> Quick View

Optimize Press 2.0 Creating Parallax Background Image

Don’t have Optimize Press? Check it out here: Code mentioned in the video: #le_body_row_2{ background: url() no-repeat center center fixed; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover;} Quick View

Your Personal Branded Blog – Free Course

This course is designed to help you build your awesome personal branded blog with WordPress – enjoy! Video One – Getting Started Video Two Video Three Video Four Video Five Video Six Have your own blog? Share the URL below! Quick View

Retargeting Flowchart – How To Optimize Your Funnel With Retargeting

Marketers & Consultants: Grab Your FREE 5-Point Checklist to Building Better Retargeting Campaigns And Attracting Better Leads! Set up the RIGHT campaigns that attract the perfect leads and customers. The fast-tract way to setting up campaigns that convert. Includes “The Perfect Retargeting Campaign” In-depth MindMap Includes “The Perfect Ad” Step By Step Checklist … and … Quick View