Take Control of Your Life by Defining Your “Why Not”

A peek below the depths at an unconventional (and possibly terrifying) motivator... Quick View

fear is a compass

People you perceive as successful don't work to vanquish fear, they actively search for it. They have, however, successfully change fear in one important way… Quick View

What have you had to sacrifice in your personal life to be as successful as you are?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring My friend Kristen Kancler posed an important question on FB I thought I’d weigh in on… Q: “What have you had to sacrifice in your personal life to be as successful … Quick View

The 5 Most Powerful Questions That Harness Positive Thinking – While Avoiding These Side Effects

“Problems are Only Opportunities in Work Clothes” There’s lots of research showing that positive thinking can improve our lives substantially… However, the TYPE of positive thinking is very important. Simply focusing on mantras or hollow inspirational affirmations has been shown to lower self-esteem and providing the subconscious an excuse for a negative view of one’s self.   You see, … Quick View

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Often Sacrifice Their Success On The Alter of Novelty

“We who cut stones must always be envisioning cathedrals.” One sunny afternoon myself and a group of friends were walking along a marina near downtown San Diego. Row after row of multi-million dollar yachts sparkling in the sun on our left and the beautiful skyline on our right. Then we come to it, the pearl … Quick View

15 Principles Behind Highly Successful People

Original Post by alex-bettermind on reddit You can’t just become highly successful through ‘life hacks’ and shortcuts, but there are some habits and tools that are too good not to use. That’s why I’ve assembled a list of the top 16 tools, tactics and routines that I’ve come across from my research. Integrating these won’t necessarily make … Quick View

Should you Hire a CEO?

To all the solo-preneurs out there: I’m talking to you. A lot of folks who I’m friends with, and probably you too, fall under that category. You either have your own business or you’re looking to make one and you’re probably doing it solo like solo-preneur. Most of the time we try to be our … Quick View

5 Things Startups Can Learn From Internet marketers

It seems that everyone and their mother has a startup these days. The Uber for kittens, a Reddit meets Tinder, and an app to say “Yo” (this one actually exists). Building a startup, like any new project, is an incredibly daunting task. There’s a bunch of moving pieces, and the right execution is everything. If … Quick View

Death of The WordPress Guy

How Our Identity Is Shaped By The Labels We Give Ourselves Someone out there said everyone will have their own 15 minutes of fame, I can’t say more then a few thousand people out there know that at one point in my Facebook career I had the middle name “WordPress Guy”, fortunately for me those … Quick View

Why 95% of Entrepreneurs Fail – And How To Fix It

There are a lot of posts out there talking about failure as an entrepreneur. Bet you a dollar if you go to google you could find thousands of posts, hundreds of books, and maybe even a few poems about why you suck at being an Entrepreneur. Seriously, it sucks when you want to do your … Quick View

my most destructive habit – and my [Crazy] plan to fix it

My destructive, terrible habit? … Not finishing important things. Lot’s of people don’t finish things, and in fact it’s not a bad thing to know when to quit (The Dip). It’s actually a great skill to know when to throw in the towel on a project and refocus on more important projects with a higher … Quick View