PAS – Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy called PAS the most reliable sales formula ever invented. Popularly used in everything from tweets to long-form sales pages, PAS goes like so: Problem – Present the problem your prospect feels Agitation – Poke at that problem until it’s visceral Solution – Present your solution to the agitated problem Sean Mitchell offers this variation on PAS: Problem Agitation … Quick View

Danny Iny’s 6+1 Formula

Described in detail here on Smashing Magazine, Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing also offers a spin on the AIDA model. His isn’t in acronym form, which I kinda dig because I’m very skeptical of acronyms – they’re just too convenient. Here’s how Iny’s six-step formula goes: Consider the context Grab attention Move the reader swiftly to desire a solution to … Quick View


There are many variants on AIDA, two of note are… AIDCA – Adds ‘Conviction’ the formula Attention Interest Desire Conviction Action Conviction is about turning doubt into trust. This can be accomplished a few different ways, mainly through demonstrating that the results shown aren’t just about “taking our word for it”. Testimonials // Endorsements // … Quick View

AIDA – Attention / Interest / Desire/ Action [In-depth]

Overview… Tried and true method. One of the longest serving models used in advertising, having been developed in the late nineteenth century. Attention (Awareness) – What message would best pull our reader in and get them to consider our piece? Interest (Inspire) – Challenge the norms of the topic, explore counter-intuitive perspectives. Desire – Entice! Build the allure … Quick View