Danny Iny’s 6+1 Formula

Described in detail here on Smashing Magazine, Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing also offers a spin on the AIDA model. His isn’t in acronym form, which I kinda dig because I’m very skeptical of acronyms – they’re just too convenient.

Here’s how Iny’s six-step formula goes:

  1. Consider the context
  2. Grab attention
  3. Move the reader swiftly to desire a solution to their problem
  4. Present the consequence of failing to act, which Iny calls “the gap
  5. Present the solution, telling only as much as is necessary to get to the next step
  6. Call the prospect to act

The +1? It’s to be credible throughout and always.

What I particularly like about the formula – aside from context and credibility(which are generally unspoken must-dos) – is the gap.

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