Want to create? Meditate. Define “hidden gems” of your creative process to keep you going…

[Creation Insight #4] Why you start to create isn’t going to be the reason you keep creating… There’s lots of reasons to write a book, make a course, or create anything designed to help others on their own journeys. The obvious: establish yourself and your brand as an expert, get exposure and speaking gigs, make … Quick View

When in doubt, do. Avoiding the Motivation Trap.

[Creation Insight #3] Avoid The “Motivation” Trap. This is a tough one, I constantly have to remind myself of this: Action is the cure to confusion, and man is creating something new and useful confusing. You will find yourself stuck over and over again. You will stare blankly at the screen with tears of overwhelm … Quick View

Want to create amazing things? Better be open to getting help…

[Creation Insight #2] I was open to feedback early & got people involved in my mission. It can be tempting to fantasize about a grand reveal to the world of a well polished and finalized creation. Showing everyone who’s ever doubted you that they’re WRONG! That’ll show um! But this is rarely how great things … Quick View

Overthinking is the mind killer.

That’s a Dune reference for the uninitiated, what an amazing movie, go see it… [Creation Insight #1] Overthinking is the worst kind of thinking. I’m a chronic overthinker. I make plan after plan, mind map after mind map, list after list, all with the intent of ‘getting myself ready’, but regularly ignoring a simple truth … Quick View

A curious case of horror, drama, The Office, category busting & why you need to rethink your approach creativity.

I turned to you and said ‘John really loves his children.’ I was watching an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, where John Krasinski shared a unique approach to creating his horror blockbuster movie “A Quiet Place 2”. Colbert describes the film as terrifying, admitting that him and his wife “may have watched … Quick View