Want to create amazing things? Better be open to getting help…

After close to 30,000 sales of my 7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide (thank you!), several years of development, and making just about every mistake you can make I’m finally getting it ready to bring to print! More updates on this soon, but in this post I want to share some key insights about this whole creation process. Insights you can leverage when you’re facing your own “Mt. Everest” sized creation goals.

[Creation Insight #2] I was open to feedback early & got people involved in my mission.

It can be tempting to fantasize about a grand reveal to the world of a well polished and finalized creation. Showing everyone who’s ever doubted you that they’re WRONG! That’ll show um!

But this is rarely how great things are created; especially if you’re taking on something you’ve never done before. It also may seem risky to reveal your plans. What will people think? What if I get laughed out of the room? What if, what if…

These feelings are common when you first start, in a real way creating anything is exposing the most vulnerable parts of yourself to the world.

But consider this, if you’re having those types of thoughts you might just be focused on the wrong person. The thing you’re creating (book, course, business) isn’t about you… it’s about the people you know it will help.

If your goal is to create the best possible version of the thing you’re making (it should be) you are going to need feedback from those you’re goal is to help.

For me this came in the form of a Facebook group. First I invited friends & colleagues who know me and my field, I would share parts of my book and get feedback and then I’d do my best to apply that feedback. 

This hit my ego hard at times when I had the worst confirmed, the bit I thought was bad was actually bad. But also was pleasantly surprised when someone found something I wasn’t sure about very helpful. Neat.

This group grew as more people found themselves interested in what I was creating, and it’s were my first group of buyers came from! (thank you!) Many bought even though I had given them access, just to support me on my mission to create the best dang book on copy out there.

So insight 2: It’s not about you, it’s about those you want to help… and Accountability works. Build a support & feedback group around the thing you want to create to help you refine & improve it. Get a group of people who care about your success and want to help, even if it’s just a few people to start.

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