You’d have to be reckless.
2021 Macbook Pro ad

We’ve created something wild. With a fire in its belly. This thing, draws everything in. Moving silently, night and day. Into the deepest blacks and brightest lights. It’s eye, razor sharp. It’s sound, deafening. Pretty… dangerous. So why would anyone give this beast more power? You’d have to be reckless. What have we done? And, … Quick View

Principle: When everyone Zigs, Zag. Standing Out in a “War Cry World”

Anyone else suffering from “inspirational fatigue”? I feel like half the posts in groups & on profiles are long ranting battle cries designed to get you all riled up… I mean, I get it… but like, if everything is hyperbole then nothing stands out as especially important. These days I’m just stoked if someone posts … Quick View

Advice I wish I would have been given when I started copywriting

I hate to break it to you, but… your writing sucks. You need to pin it to the wall and read it every single day. Remind yourself that IT SUCKS. You need to show it to the world and let them tell you that it sucks. You need to invest money into running ads to … Quick View

Can you become a copywriter for the gaming industry?

An interesting question posed “can you be a copywriter for the gaming industry”. Short answer YES OF COURSE… Long answer… The following video is an example of some next-level video game copywriting.  It is NOT easy to do correctly, it sounds casual – it’s fun, but it is deliberate… it’s “tell the features, show the benefits” copy done … Quick View