Advice I wish I would have been given when I started copywriting

I hate to break it to you, but… your writing sucks.

You need to pin it to the wall and read it every single day. Remind yourself that IT SUCKS.

You need to show it to the world and let them tell you that it sucks. You need to invest money into running ads to your sucky writing. You need to put it on a billboard and watch as children walk by and say “mommy, why does that writing suck so bad?”.

You know why? Because the sting of knowing something you spent all day on sucking is the only way you’re gonna get better.

It’s not by reading more guides, watching more videos, it’s by doing the thing and sucking at it. Then doing it again.

Get there fast and look for that pain of failure… let it ruminate in yo bonesss.

BE EMBARRASSED by how bad it is. Let it sit with you like that time your crush said “are you kidding me, no way” in the 8th grade. Don’t let people pat you on the back and say “aw nice try”, because guess what – it sucks.

But, whatever you do, don’t stop.

The pain, embarrassment, anxiety, it has a purpose. Removing the shelter that you’ve built around yourself and admitting that “it’s just not that good” can be two things…

1. It can be a barrier and stop you in your tracks for good.

or, more likely it’s number 2:

2. It’s the most important fuel for improvement there is. You are training your brain to not settle for the suckiness. You’re training your brain to strive for a bit more, to get up – dust that paper off – and write BETTER.

You will remember that pain of the page that no one read, the ad that no one clicked, the webinar that everyone dropped off of. And it will push you to think harder, dig deeper, and focus longer.

So many people avoid pain at all cost, they spend their life searching for happiness… well guess what, happiness is the contrast between what sucks and what doesn’t. Wanna be happy? Get better. Wanna get better? Don’t be afraid of looking your mistakes in the eyes.

All that being said, it’s not set in stone – I’m not an expert in what makes you tick, but I do know if you quit because it’s hard to look at your own stinky work you will never learn from your mistakes. You’ll be stuck in a limbo of mediocrity.

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