finding the soul of a message My Favorite Advertisement Of 2020.

Thoughts on My Favorite Ad of 2020… Search for the soul of your message. You will know when you find it, not because you’re an expert but because you are human. A simple formula this ad uses so damn well: Start in the middle of the story, explore the conflicts along the way, reveal the … Quick View

How much marketing copy is enough? The 3 Key Factors Explained.

This question was posed in my community. So, here’s the factors I personally look at when deciding how “in-depth” my copy needs to be for any given offer… First I consider how much does the price point impacts my target audience. A pair of shoes at $40 (in general) will likely need less convincing to … Quick View

Principle: When everyone Zigs, Zag. Standing Out in a “War Cry World”

Anyone else suffering from “inspirational fatigue”? I feel like half the posts in groups & on profiles are long ranting battle cries designed to get you all riled up… I mean, I get it… but like, if everything is hyperbole then nothing stands out as especially important. These days I’m just stoked if someone posts … Quick View

a theory of success. the {re}amalgamation of entrepreneurship & messaging

Thesis. Recently the reckless abandonment of letting “a message” be the engine that drives an entrepreneurial pursuit has created a problem. The shift from a big idea creating the drive to be an entrepreneur to wanting to be an entrepreneur creating the desire to find a big idea has created a generation of ‘want-a-preneurs’ with … Quick View


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Introduction to Automated Webinar [Bonus!]


Retargeting Workshop 120 Minute Training

More info on how Retargeting could add 20% to your businesses – click here to find out how. Quick View

Extra Bonus: Building Your Personal Branded Blog With WordPress

This course is designed to help you build your awesome personal branded blog with WordPress – enjoy! Video One – Getting Started Video Two Video Three Video Four Video Five Video Six Have your own blog? Share the URL below! Quick View

Module 2 – Introduction

Welcome to Module #2 of Retarget Engine! Quick View