Principle: When everyone Zigs, Zag. Standing Out in a “War Cry World”

Anyone else suffering from “inspirational fatigue”?

I feel like half the posts in groups & on profiles are long ranting battle cries designed to get you all riled up… I mean, I get it… but like, if everything is hyperbole then nothing stands out as especially important.

These days I’m just stoked if someone posts something tastefully simple yet profound…

Like… “It’s not always about doing things better, sometimes it’s about doing better things…” — Stuff like that really appeals to me in its depth & simplicity.

I’m sure there’s a more profound marketing lesson here to be explored in-depth, but in the interest of not turning this post into a “battle cry rant” I’m just gonna leave it with this…

When everyone zigs – zag.

Put simply ~ There are more ways to stand out then hyperbolic emotional appeal. Appeal to the other side of the spectrum and you might just find yourself a new audience that’s hungry for a change of tone.

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