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2x Faster With "Boss Mode"

Like a Boss Update

Type a command like, "Jarvis, write a Facebook ad for my store" and instantly see the magic happen on the page. Ps. Conversion AI is now Jarvis AI
on this page...
Big news! Conversion AI is now JARVIS.AI - on this page you'll learn about the latest changes to this amazing copywriting tool & how you can unlock the "Boss Mode" feature set that's designed to help you write even faster and take control of Jarvis like never before...
  • 1: Video: See (formerly new 'Boss Mode' Feature Demonstrated LIVE
  • 2: Video: A 3 Minute Summary of What Boss Mode is & How to Get Access
  • 3: Details See the new features & what they mean for you! Bossmode Launch Announcment
see bossmode in action...

Watch the full announcement video above to see the boss mode editor in action! Jump to about the 16 minute mark for a demonstration on how the new Jarvis AI Boss Mode works.

Learn More & Get Started - Click Here

Bossmode in Action
watch as I write

Learn More & Get Started - Click Here


What is Boss Mode?.. in 3 Minutes

Turn on "Boss Mode" to take control of the AI and write 2x faster. Type a command like, "Jarvis, write a Facebook ad for my store" and instantly see the magic happen on the page.

Learn More About The New Bossmode - Click Here

Boss Mode is
ai Magic...

What is boss mode & how does it work?

Create blog posts, stories, and even books with the assistance of real AI.

The Pro plan unlocks the new long-form assistant – the fastest way to write original content that captures reader's attention and Google loves.

Build content fast by using multiple copywriting skills in one document.

Easily switch between Jarvis' 40+ copywriting skills such as the blog introduction and storyteller to build the perfect piece of content in just a few minutes.

Keep your team organized with folders for your clients and multiple projects

When you write a lot of content, staying organized is key. Now it's easy for you and your team to switch between different projects and manage multiple clients.

Enhance AI content to rank for valuable keywords with our Surfer SEO partnership

Our new integration with (not included) will guide you and Jarvis to optimize your blog post to rank at the top of search results.

Write and translate to 26 different languages

Want to write your blog posts in perfect American English? Have customers in multiple countries? Look in our FAQ center to see all 26 language Jarvis knows.

Read Over 1,000+ reviews that rated Jarvis 4.9/5 stars

Our mission is to help people break through writer's block to finally get their content done! We can't wait to see what you create with your AI assistant.