This will increase your bottom line more than just about anything. – Building Trust With Your Audience

In this post, I’m going to show you how you will rapidly increase your content output without sacrificing QUALITY by answering 3 simple questions.

Ok, I’ll be honest.. that pool does look pretty awesome.
Today it seems most people would rather post pictures of themselves gallivanting around a fancy pool on insta than actually give real-world value to their audience.
While there’s a time and place for humble-bragging, your best bet is to always put quality over quantity if you’re in the business of building a readership who trusts you. We have to remember, trust is earned.
The easiest way to build trust is to provide practical training that the reader can actually use. 👨‍🎨This doesn’t mean you have to strip away all personality from your work, but it does mean you need to prioritize the reader’s needs over your own desire to sound awesome.
How do we create “quality” content?

Here are three simple pieces of the quality content puzzle you can use to test your content.

  1. ASK & ANSWER: What Most People Do: Does your content clearly define what most people (who are experiencing the issue you’re working to solve) are doing”, and why that is wrong?
  2. ASK & ANSWER: Why That’s Wrong: Does your content clearly define the outcome of staying on that wrong path leads to?
  3. ASK & ANSWER: What they should be doing? Does your content clearly define what they should be doing instead to mitigate the issue? I’ll literally put the following on the page of any content I’m making first as a ‘kinda-sorta’ outline.

Super simple outline I start almost every piece of writing with.
It may seem overly simplistic, but simple doesn’t mean easy. Most the content out there simply focuses on “What You Should Do,” without making it clear why.
Why is it important that we demonstrate clearly why something is right or wrong? Well, research has shown that children and adults learn quite differently. As children we are more ‘spongy’, we’ll learn things simply by being told, facts, figures, methods, it’s all a focus on what and less on why. This isn’t to say children can’t benefit from knowing the ‘why’ behind a problem, it’s just less of a priority.
As adults we are bombarded with much more information, and we develop a useful filtering system. If the information is new to us we’ll generally start with the subconscious question “What’s in it for me?” Yes it’s a selfish approach, but that’s the subconscious for you. If you can’t make it crystal clear that listening is a benefit than you’ve already lost the battle for attention.
To win the battle we must give clear cut benefit right at the start, then show them through simple to follow reasoning what they should be doing.
The end result?
If we get their attention, show them why it’s important to change, and then show them the steps to change; there’s a solid chance that we’ll inspire a change in that person. And guess who they’re going to turn to next time they have a problem/question/issue around the subject?

Assuming the advice we give is actually useful we’re going to go to the top of the list. This is why TRUST, is the most valuable part of the tried and true “know, like, trust” formula.

If you trust someone, and they deliver on that trust, they’re certainly going to get to know and like you.

How are you doing this in your work? Let me know in the comments!

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