Make your attention grabber relevant. No one likes a tease. – Tip #8

It’s not just about capturing attention, abruptly pulling your reader in with shock & awe – you need your “hook” to also to be relevant to your message.

Attention for attention’s sake should be left to the professional Instagram models and funny cats.

If you are going to use abrupt attention-grabbers it’s best to craft a solid and relevant segue from your “loud noises” to your subject matter. The segue can be as simple as “just like XYZ [abrupt attention grabber] you will find that ZYX [main subject] relates… here’s how…”.

When done correctly you can have the best of both worlds. Arouse their desire, and deliver the goods.

For Example…

On the following sales page I lead with a relevant headline FIRST…

Then, further down the page, I lead into a more ‘curious’ driven headline that may not seem relevant – but definitely perks the reader’s curiosity…

I continue to explain how indeed a dung beetles testicles can indeed teach us several important lessons about building an online business. I originally had planned to lead with the bug story first, however, after some thought, it became clear that though I personally found the story amusing and very applicable, that new uninformed readers may think that the page was mostly about bugs, and not about information products.

When in doubt, you can always split test the two types of pages; but leading with relevancy is a proven way to make sure your audience knows exactly what subject matter you’re about to discuss with them ~ which at the end of the day is the thing that will keep qualified readers on the page.

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