The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill

She’s looking at you.

From across the way…
… you can see you have her attention.

Who is she?
What does she want?
What captured her attention?

If you can answer that last question…
You can sell anything to anyone.

Curious? Good. 

The answer can make you millions has made myself and my clients millions in sales…

A Quick Note From The Author…

On this page, you’re going to unlock what many consider to be the key to converting any business idea into reality. I’m also going to share with you a powerful method that will cut your learning time in half and help drive you closer to your entrepreneurial goals. Sound like a good deal? Awesome. Let’s get started then…

Learning this skill solves many of the toughest business problems entreprenuers face on a daily basis…

So, What Is The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill?

The first sale is a crucial vote of confidence your audience gives with their bank account. If you’re facing this obstacle chances are you’re most likely lacking in one particular skill…

… It’s the skill that drives almost every dollar made online and off. 
… It’s the skill that can transform a run-of-the-mill business into a wealth generating machine.
… It’s also the skill that many veteran entrepreneurs confess is the toughest to master.

I never blame anyone for struggling with it. It’s not a skill that is taught in school or prioritized in college. Confession time…and this is a confession you won’t often hear from an online entrepreneur. Even though this skill directly generates the most revenue in my business, in reality, I’m not a “professional” at it. I developed this skill out of necessity, not out of desire.

And one of my biggest regrets is not learning its foundations sooner.

Most people think it’s skills like…

  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  •  Money management
  •  Branding
  •  Leadership

… are the most important entrepreneurial skills.

While these are very important skills in their own way, they’re relatively easy to outsource or develop.

✍️ So what is this always in demand “profit skill”? The one skill almost all successful business owners will admit is in large part responsible for their success?

If you haven’t already guessed it, that skill is copywriting. Specifically, sales copywriting…


Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. But copywriting is soooo much more than the academic definition.

“The ability to write ads and letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever acquire. If you master this skill, you should never again have to worry about money.”
– Gary Halbert

Top Copywriter & All Around Crazy Successful Businessman (before it was cool)

I’ll add to that…

Copywriting is the most profitable skill I’ve ever learned. Every serious entrepreneur must understand it’s principles if they want to reach their most audacious goals.

Yet, copywriting seems to be the one business skill that’s riddled with… well, riddles.

Keep reading this article and I’ll teach you how to solve the copywriting riddle and take the headache out of writing marketing copy for good.

I’ll also hand you a copywriting method I’ve developed that’s saved me countless hours, one that will help you create ‘addictive’ content centered around selling your product or service.

One quick clarification before I share this method…

I’m not a copywriter. And you don’t have to be one either…

You read that right, copywriting is a skill I use; but it doesn’t make me a copywriter. I guess you could say I run a marketing agency, but I usually tell folks who ask that I’m an investor. Not in the “Wallstreet investor” kinda way, I mean I’ve adopted their MINDSET around making business decisions. 

You see, what I invest in are the skills that make myself and my clients the most return on the time I spend learning them.

… I’ve learned how to build highly complex marketing funnels that have generated well over $40,000,000 in profits.
… I’ve learned how to create and edit high-quality videos. (I even have my own studio)… I’ve learned how to design and structure great sales pages (graphics, and the tech – yes I built the page you’re on now.
… I’ve learned how to set up incredibly intricate auto webinar systems, with dynamic follow up email and advertising sequences.
… With one webinar having over 1M Views, you’ve probably seen it…

But I’ll say it again…

NONE OF THESE SKILLS, and I really mean NONE OF THEM, can shake a stick at compare with the staggeringly results my copywriting skills have brought to myself and clients. For many of my clients, I’m the most profitable “division” of their company since I’m able to leverage their audiences with simple copywriting strategies & tactics that bring them an amazing return on their ‘investment’.

Truth is… You can be a great funnel developer, video producer, freelancer, graphic designer, “e-commerce-marketer”, or agency owner…

But, if you can’t persuade people to actually buy your stuff (or your client’s stuff)… well… you’re screwed.

Most product failures I’ve seen over the years had less to do about the product, and more to do with their ability to communicate it’s value to their audience.

Communication is almost always the missing piece.

So, what is the key tosolving the copywriting riddle?
If you dread copywriting as much as most do you must learn how to leverage copywriting methods to help you craft it QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY.

I’m not just talking about “fill in the blank” templates, though they can be useful, I’m referring to methods of deconstructing marketing that’s already working and apply the strategy to your own marketing assets… along with taking strategies used for hundreds of years and systematize them into your business.

In short…

If you learn how to leverage copywriting methods, you won’t always have to rely on “guessing” if your marketing will work.

Here's an easy copywriting method you can use to dramatically increase the attention your writing receives...

Copywriting Method ONE
Learn How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy 
by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content in 5 Easy Steps

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