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Video Notes: Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time by Kurzgesagt

The Video On making positive changes in your life… There is (often) a gap between…

fear is a compass

People you perceive as successful don't work to vanquish fear, they actively search for it.…

Copywriting AI Tool’s legit or overhyped?

How I generated a quality 2200 blog post in less than 15 minutes (step by…

beep boop… this was written by a robot

Sent April 2, 2021 – Format: Email Alright, I’ll get right to it… What you’re…

Long Copy Vs. Short. How much is enough? The 3 Key Factors Explained.

The question of “copy length” has been around since the first bits of advertising copy…

The 3 Levels of Delivering Quality “Copy Judgement”

How to tell the difference between good copy & bad copy, the answer lies in…

How Local Businesses Can Adapt Their Marketing in the ‘Covid’ Economy

How Local Businesses Can Adapt Their Marketing in the 'Covid' Economy Quick View

Internet Marketing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Learn [interview]

Learn more about Sean’s book 7 Figure Marketing Copy – Click Here Quick View

7 Figure Marketing Copy guide

Not making the sales you know you should be? Let me show you why...